Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Consultancy

In the right environment, Business Intelligence (BI) enables faster data analysis and more effective business planning but getting an organisation to the point where BI can work for them can be a complex process. It is absolutely essential that the right consultancy is employed to facilitate the change. Always look for a reputable consultancy with a verifiable track record and demonstrable implementation experience before making any decisions.

Don’t Take Business Intelligence Likely

Business intelligence is definitely not something to be taken lightly. No matter what your reasons for making the decision to change the way you run your organisation, the ultimate goal is that a new BI system should integrate seamlessly with all your legacy applications and without impacting on your day to day operations. This means days and sometimes weeks of painstaking work making sure that all the legacy systems comply with the new BI system requirements. Experience is the only way to be sure an implementation will be trouble free.

Making your choice of business intelligence consultancy will not be easy. Many consultancies look the same on the surface so bear in mind that you will require tailor-made solutions, delivered on time and to budget. Your new consultancy must provide experts in leading technologies from Microsoft and Business Objects who will work with you to design, develop and deliver business intelligence, performance management and portal solutions that will add real value to your business. But how and where will you find them?

The Internet Search

You could start out with a basic internet search for business intelligence consultants but the number of listings could threaten to overwhelm you. The trick is to think smart. Work out exactly what you need your business intelligence system to do for you and then search for providers. Make a short list then search again using other criterion. Business Intelligence (BI) is all about getting things right first time, so begin the process by doing your initial research properly.

The Business Intelligence Consultancy Marketplace

If you check out the business intelligence consultancy marketplace in this way you will quickly realise that there are actually very few genuine ‘players’. The reason is simple: there simply aren’t that many consultancies with the capability to evaluate all the business critical issues affecting your operation; design a business intelligence system; provide performance management and portal solutions to suit your specific needs and add real value to your business.

You need your ideal business intelligence consultancy to help you to implement solutions that process data and present it in ways that can be used immediately, without hours of tedious interpretation and cross analysis. Most important of all they should be able to provide you with the confidence that your specific objectives are being met by experienced and professional consultants, giving you the power to get back in control of your data.

Take time and make supreme efforts to get your consultancy choice right first time as the business intelligence route can provide amazing benefits for your operation, but you only want to do it once!

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